The UAW represents more than 50,000 workers in higher education, including faculty, postdoctoral researchers, graduate student employees and clerical, technical and support staff. The many ongoing organizing campaigns at colleges and universities mean that number will rise. For academic workers, there’s a direct connection between federal support for education and research and their wages, benefits and job security.

Low-paid workers with limited or no job security increasingly do the world-leading teaching and research conducted in our colleges and universities. Academic workers often carry the burden of low pay, limited benefits and a lack of employment security. Poor working conditions make academic careers less and less attractive, and put the long-term future of higher education and research at risk. The key to improving conditions for academic workers is the right to organize and bargain collectively. By joining the UAW, the BU Graduate Workers Union also joins thousands of our academic colleagues. Below are links to the many academic local unions and organizing campaigns that are part of UAW.